Welcome to Fool School!

Here at The Motley Fool, we’re deeply passionate about financial literacy. We believe everyone can learn about money and investing — it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. But too often, financial literacy lessons aren’t learned in childhood, which makes adulthood harder than it needs to be.

Enter Fool School, The Motley Fool’s financial literacy project, founded in 2017 by Motley Fool co-founder David Gardner. We host free, interactive group financial literacy workshops on-site at Fool HQ in Alexandria, Virginia, for students in grades K-12. All classes are taught by Motley Fool employees, trained on communicating financial concepts in an age-appropriate manner — everything from where money comes from, to how to research stocks to invest in. Learn more about the kinds of classes we offer, and contact us about scheduling a workshop for your students.

Fool School is a fully-volunteer initiative, hosted by Motley Fool employees. Take a look at our leaders and supporters below.


Amy Dykstra

Co-Lead of Fool School & Intrepid Investors Lead

Amy started at The Motley Fool in August of 2013 as a temp, but was quickly scooped up by our Office Operations team, where she has been for her entire tenure. You can catch her around the office greeting guests, setting up events, or giving tours. She has a passion for connecting with Fools on complex projects, which made her a perfect fit for co-leading Fool School. When she’s not at work, Amy is a cat mom to Peter and Sylvie, and lives in DC with her husband. When you meet Amy, ask her about her love of meditation, or have her sing her favorite song – she’s a classically trained opera singer!

Naima Barnes

Co-Lead of Fool School & Market Masters Lead

Naima started at the Motley Fool’s sister company, Motley Fool Wealth Management, in January of 2016. She’s a paraplanner, helping hundreds of members create a plan for their financial future. She has always had a heart for service and financial literacy, so when our co-founder David Gardner announced his vision for Fool School, she was instantly on board. When Naima isn’t at work, she’s a dog mom and small business owner! When you meet Naima, ask her about her latest knitting or crocheting projects, or where she plans to go on her next international vacation.

Lysha Proctor

Junior Jesters Co-Lead

Lysha joined the Motley Fool in October of 2013 as an Office Events and Operations Coordinator, where she’s been creating dazzling events and beautiful office spaces for Fools internally and externally for her entire tenure. She became interested in working with Fool School after hearing our co-founder David Gardner talk about his dreams for the program. His passion for financial literacy sparked a fire in Lysha’s heart, and she’s been working with our elementary school program ever since. Outside of the Fool, Lysha is a full-time mom and sister, with 5 siblings ranging in age from 5-31! When you meet her, ask her to do her best dolphin impression.

Loren Horst

Junior Jesters Co-Lead

Loren joined the Motley Fool in November 2015, and is a Retention Manager on our product team, where he finds ways to keep our members active and engaged. Loren has been on the Fool School train since inception, from the initial brainstorming sessions all the way to our classes today. Before he was a full-time Fool, Loren was involved with leading financial wellness seminars to new teachers, a subject ironically not taught in most schools! He also tutored math in his mother’s first grade classroom during summer breaks at college. When you meet him, ask Loren about his love of ultimate frisbee (or just try to catch him out playing on the weekends at the National Mall!).

Founders & Supporters:

Fool School is a volunteer-driven team effort, created and supported by many Motley Fool employees. We are particularly grateful for the support of the following Fools:

David Gardner

Co-Founder and Chief Rule Breaker, The Motley Fool
Founder of Fool School

David Gardner is the Co-Founder and Chief Rule Breaker at The Motley Fool. David co-founded “The Fool” with his brother, Tom, in 1993. The company’s mission is to help the world invest better by focusing on long-term investments in world-class businesses. With an unyielding focus on workplace culture and employee engagement, The Motley Fool was named the #1 “Medium-Sized Company to Work For” by Glassdoor.com in 2014 and 2015.

As Chief Rule Breaker, David wears many hats including innovator, stock picker, author, and lecturer. Prior to founding The Motley Fool, David graduated as a Morehead-Cain Scholar from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1988. He is a recipient of UNC’s prestigious “Distinguished Young Alumni Award” and served on the Individual Investor Advisory Committee of the New York Stock Exchange for 15 years. Among his many accomplishments at The Motley Fool, David is perhaps most proud of his conception and development of Motley Fool CAPS, a stock-picking platform that builds community intelligence around all stock traded nationwide.

Kelsey Ryan

Lead of Foolanthropy

Kelsey leads The Motley Fool’s volunteer-led philanthropic branch, lovingly called “Foolanthropy.” The Fool School project is housed under Foolanthropy, and Kelsey helps to support Fool School’s direction and day-to-day operations so the Fool School team can do the best it can do.

Kelsey is passionate about philanthropy, having joined The Motley Fool in January of 2016 straight from the non-profit sector. When you meet her, ask Kelsey about her latest DIY project or about her dog, a retired racing greyhound named Zeke.